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terry mcsweeney is at the scene. is the family okay? >> reporter: yeah 4:00 this morning a mother and her 8-year-old son were awakened by the sound of a breaking window. scary enough. then they looked up and saw the flames that did all of this damage, the two ran for their lives. look at what they ran from. firefighters say they got here in four minutes, but still, upstairs and downstairs were engulfed. firefighters knew this fire had moved very rapidly, and then, they figured out why. >> she woke up to a loud crash, kind of on the first floor, she believes it was some form of molotov cocktail she did see a bottle on the floor, saw flames, grabbed her son and headed out. >> reporter: it is arson. i asked the woman who lives here the apartment building manager, if she had any idea who would do something like this. she said someone who don't appreciate life.
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$150,000 to the building, $20,000 more to the belongings of her and her son they confined the fire to one unit. the bottle was found inside, no question there was accelerant used. the arson investigation is on. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. scary moments onboard a school bus. >> a school bus that was rear-ended by a car in the east bay this morning 8:30. the san on east 14th street and 165th avenue, in unincorporated alameda county. four passengers onboard, two were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. on the peninsula -- >> two people are recovering after a dramatic cliff rescue in san mateo county that tied up traffic this morning. the couple drove their car off
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a cliff in daly city. the car plunged huges of feet. one victim had to be carried to the top of the bluff that person is suffering from serious injuries. a second person appears to be okay. the accident happened 4:15 this morning. the rescue shutdown traffic along skyline boulevard, the lanes have since reopen. weather starting to turn, more clouds, soon the rain will be arriving. >> we are enjoying the sun. >> a little cool. >> is definitely. but the rain won't be too far off. true, you can see clouds starting to increase outside. that is definitely showing up on live doppler 7 hd. you are seeing clouds over the ocean also clouds over the land and the difference is we have cloudy conditions the sea breeze coming back banking up against the coast and has been
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spilling into the bay all morning. the rest of this is fog hanging around from the morning hours because the ground is still saturated. as we look up to the north this is our system gotten as far south as eugene. as the crow flies that that's 345 miles until it gets near santa rosa in the northern sections of sonoma county, better part of today to travel down. today it is going to be dry and cooler. we have a chance what is called a scout shower, evening shower ahead of the main rain, steadier rain going to come in overnight. if you have plans for today, don't worry, fine unless you are at the coast maybe a little drizzle, dry, temperatures cooler today have the wet weather gear ready pore the evening especially overnight -- ready for the evening, especially overnight. morning commute is going to be tough with those slick streets. now in vallejo search
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underway for a 77-year-old man believed to have fallen into the water off mare island. philip mattingly was last seen working off his tugboat saturday night. vallejo police say they don't suspect foul play. mattingly's truck was still in the parking lot. divers are using sophisticated equipment the is hoping to get answers for the family -- the coast guard is hoping to get answers for the family. in contra costa county board of supervisors expected to vote on proposed closure of four fire stations. those cuts come after voters rejected parcel tax for fire services november. firefighters are not going to lose jobs because the district is short-handed. residents will face longer response times in case of a fire or house emergency. letter sent by san jose's evergreen school district to parents with comments on a
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sexual assault skank dell -- scandal is having unintentioned results. the principal was convicted of a misdemeanor for not reporting. now some parents are upset by a letter sent by the superintendent catherine gomez going out to parents making some upset it says some students will be enrolled in child abuse prevention workshops, defended the principal involved and blamed the teacher for hampering the investigation. berkeley has announced new fund for undocumented students. the fund will begin as a one million dollar gift. that gift will help 200 undocumented cal students from 20 countries who would not normally qualify. scholarships will be awarded starting next fall. in this tough economy, a
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job fair is about to get underway in the east bay. the employer is rolling out the red carpet, hoping to hire people on the spot. amy hollyfield is live in emoryville. this story has an unusual twist. -- >> reporter: very. he held a job fair and no one came. he was so surprised, he said only 40 people showed up to apply for the 120 jobs that he has. he has held these before in milpitas, vallejo and said the scene there was very different. >> come around it was just a small trickle. that's why we are like whoa what is going on? is the economy improving so good that folks aren't looking for work? >> reporter: that is not the case according to the career center in downtown oakland. a counselor there says they should not have problems hiring. the center is helping 1,000 unemployed people find jobs.
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career center says maybe didn't hear about the jobs. >> we've been advertising for the last week and a half. we advertise in all the usual areas, craigslist, monster, we had signs out here. we've even been advertising on the on some spanish-speaking stations. that was a little bit of a shock. >> reporter: here's the picture of the unemployment rates in the bay area, alameda county 8.6% in emeryville. oakland right next door and it has the highest rate of all, 13.1%. here are the details if you are interested in this job fair from 12 to 8 today, next door to this restaurant at the four point sheraton, kristi and powell in emeryville. they are looking for hosts, cooks, wait staff. they say it is a mystery as to why they didn't have a higher
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turn-out yesterday. the spokesperson at at career center said he has never experienced a low turnout like the one yesterday. if you are interested in a job sounds like you got a good shot at getting one. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. still ahead crab fishermen heading back to the negotiating table. thousands of workers are outraged as they watch power of their unions slip away in the midwest. could it happen in california? federal investigation into what caused a deadly crash involving a bay area bound amtrak train what we could learn in hours. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider
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federal investigators expected to release who or what was to blame in day deadly amtrak crash. the national transportation safety board is holding a hearing now. in june of last year the california zephyr was bound from chicago tomorrow ville at a crossing a truck slammed into the train six killed, 70 injured. monitoring equipment indicate the train's whistle, crossing lights and guard all worked some witnesses say they didn't there are lawsuits against amtrak and union pacific. talks resume this afternoon to end weeklong strike keeping crab fishermen out of the water. negotiations to end the dispute brock off yesterday.
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crab -- broke off yesterday. beateners were getting $3 a pound before thanksgiving. michigan lawmakers have taken the final step toward returning traditional pro union stronghold into a right to work stay katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: to bring this home, california is not a right to work state. unions here can make workers join and pay dues. michigan going in the opposite direction, less than two hours ago the house passed right to work legislation, affecting public sector workers they passed it 58-51. representatives had already ok'd second bill focusing on private sector employees the senate approved both last week. with thousands circling outside the capitol in lansing,
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and another 2,000 plus inside, the michigan house has approved the second of two contentious right to work bills that weaken union power in the pro labor state. worker reaction was swift and angry. >> getting lied to, with we done like it. >> reporter: if and when legislation clears the governor's desk, michigan will be the 24th right to work state that means nonunion employs won't be forced to pay unions for services. backers say it will bring more jobs to michigan and give workers free some. >> they can still belong to a union. it is a win-win for everybody. >> reporter: the president of the uaw says even though the protest fell on deaf ears voices will be heard in two years when lawmakers are up for reelection. republican governor snyder says he will sign the new bills into law as early as tomorrow.
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katie marzullo, abc7 news. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast, changing again. >> absolutely. already seeing some of those changes open up the weather window you can see the clouds already, low clouds coming in keeping our temperatures in the 40s in some areas after being near 70 yesterday. timetable for when the rain will get to your neighborhood and how much you will receive. new answers for a frequently asked question, why do babies tend to stare at faces for so long? what researchers have discovered. @p tdñ
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major move in the airline industry. delta now owns 49% of virgin atlantic. the new ownership will pave the way for delta to begin sharing resources with virgin atlantic. the two plan on striking a joint profit sharing venture for flights between great britain at united states. delta has been trying to expand to heathrow for years but limited gate space has kept that idea from taking off, pardon the expression. speaking of taking off, flying in and out of sfo wasn't a problem this morning.
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tomorrow morning i'm going to guess it could be a different story. clouds, rain towards the 6:00 flights damage may be already at hand because of the rain overnight check out our flight tracker tomorrow morning. hard to believe we have rain on the way when you look at vollmer peak towards east bay hills and mount diablo this morning not a cloud here. some of the clouds are lifting in san francisco, amazing my facebook page 7:20 eight i posted the sun sitting on top of the -- bay bridge, 15 minutes later cloudy. live doppler 7 hd, clouds and along the coast some of the fog inland everything else is dry. the air is dry that concerns me a little, that it is going to take this system a little while to moisten the atmosphere and then eventually,
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the rain will come over always easier to get the rain to come down at night when the temperature and dew point are closer and humidity higher. 49 santa rosa now, 47 san rafael, 45 fairfield. fog thickest towards concord and antioch, sunshine around monterey bay and inland. 52 santa cruz, 59 monterey, cooler today because of the clouds blocking out sun and sea breeze coming back, light rain tonqd, isolated shower tomorrow, frost thursday morning and friday morning could dip into the 20s in some of the deeper valleys in the north bay. high pressure split, penetrated by cold front coming from alaska, clouds starting to come in towards evening scout shower there is one near the peninsula coast, main band of rain outside
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north bay at 6:00, comes in by 9:00, steadier rain in the north bay, leading edge of the rain moving towards the bay bridge, steadier rain coming at 11:00, by 1:00, steadier rain east bay valleys and south bay this system slows a little so the rain could be around at 5 o'clock, especially peninsula and towards the coast. out -- out over the ocean best chance of showers these may stray inland as you can see at 9:00 in the morning and around noon, dry air starts to come in best chance of stray shower in the afternoon at higher elevations. also around 3,000 feet, snow is possible that's how cold this air mass is. 10th to quarter of an inch for most of us in the mountains, coast quarter to half inch heading to the sierra early tomorrow morning up to a foot possible 7,000 feet, four to nine inches down to 3,000 definitely a cold core system.
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high temperatures tomorrow mid 50s if we are lucky low to mid 50s after frosty start thursday mid 50s after frosty start friday, saturday into sunday, warmer slight chance of rain sunday. we want to tell you about something exciting. tomorrow we are kicking off the share your holiday food drive your chance to help make the holiday brighter for families in need. >> you can drop off food or money from 5:30 in the morning to 7:00 at night at any of our three locations. union square san francisco, santana row -- >> you and i will be at union square make will be at walnut creek. >> meet the news team as we broadcast life throughout the day at those locations. >> if you can't make it, you can call the number on the screen:
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or text feed to 80077 donate $10. and you can help those who most need think time of year. >> -- most need it this time of year. fascinating new research out of stanford university about why babies tend to stare at people's faces for long periods of time they are too young to recognize basic shapes but scientists tell us they are processing faces like adults. researchers hooked up electronic sensors to baby's skulls to measure brain activity, spike in visual processing when pictures of faces flashed in front of them the levels dipped when other objects were shown >> we should wave toys when all they want to do is stare at our faces all day. still to come, season of sharing in full swing. >> next, how san francisco firefighters are fulfilling
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holiday wishes this morning.
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coming up at 3:00 on katie jane fonda. then at 4, michael finney finds out whether you have to spend a lot for cashmere. then at 5, population decline in california in -- it is christmastime at san francisco city hall. the fire department began its annual toy give away with the mayor. >> it started in 1949 the toy drive is the oldest in the nation. >> it continues through december 25th, donations are more than welcome at any city firehouse. the firefighting santas hope to deliver gifts to 25,000 disadvantaged kids this
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holiday season.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> thank you. hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. broadway giveaway week continues. today we are giving our contestants the chance to win tickets to mary poppins for not just themselves but an entire row of our audience. [cheers and applause] first up is a cashier who is not only hoping to score the tickets. she
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